Mission Statement

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Carol Hall(left) is the Executive Director of the Foundation and is handing the car keys over to Karen O’Brien(right)

Seniors in Need of Transportation Foundation (SNTF) is a non-profit organization which under the Internal Revenue Service is classified as a 501(c) (3) (PURSUANT TO NRS CHAPTER 82). SNTF is dedicated to empowering Seniors to acquire more independence in their lives. SNTF realizes the difficulty of Seniors living on Social Security, etc. SNTF believes a part time work position has the mission to change the lives of Seniors. SNTF is in place to eliminate a senior from making the difficult financial decision as to whether they put food on the table or purchase prescribed medication from their physician. There are other ancillary needs such as electric bills, gas bills, rent, etc. SNTF receives donated vehicles from more affluent Seniors who are in a position to be philanthropic to their fellow Seniors who are having difficult times. This Affluent Senior donates a vehicle to the Foundation and the Foundation has pre-qualified Seniors thus enabling this Senior to work a part time job and be able to get to and from his or her employment in a timely fashion independent of public transportation. The extra monies that the Senior is able to earn because of reliable transportation allows a higher standard of living and a greater feeling of self- worth to the Senior.

SNTF will also assist the Senior in need of work fill out job applications, provide the necessary references so that an employer- employee relationship can be established. The transportation that is donated from the philanthropic Senior allows this mission statement to come to fruition.